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What is Medical Evacuation?

So what exactly is medical evacuation, why should this be a standard part of medical insurance, and do you really need this?

Patient Airlift Airgurus

“Med evac” or “medivac” as it is more often referred to is transfer from one location to a medical health facility for emergency medical treatment. Medical evacuation isn’t for just any medical emergency it generally refers to getting a patient to a specialized facility or hospital of choice. These transfers are usually between hospitals such as the provincial hospital to a hospital that has specialized equipment.

Medical evacuation in the case of Airgurus refers to patient airlift service using a helicopter or fixed wing. In most cases patients are travellers who find themselves in amazing places off the beaten path where the medical care needed is not available. There are many areas in a developing country like the Philippines where medical care is simply inadequate or unavailable. In a situation where there is a lack of proper medical specialist for your condition, insufficient equipment, or substandard quality of care ground travel is just not going to help the patient. In these cases Airgurus’ is the country’s trusted leader of medical evacuation allowing the quickest access during medical emergencies.

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How does Airgurus handle the patient airlift transfers?

Every emergency inquiry is promptly handled by the staff at Airgurus, who are available round the clock 365 days a year. Once the terms between parties involved have been handled one of several helicopters or fixed wing aircraft can immediately be deployed. Every patient is transferred with a nurse from the in house staff and/or physician if appropriate treatment is required to ensure the stable condition for the duration of the flight until transfer is complete. If needed a ground ambulance is also available for areas where road access is preferable to airlift transfer.

The medical equipment is the latest and lightest technology available on the market for the fastest and safest transfer. If details about the equipment available on each flight is required please see the blog entries, information on all equipment is promptly available soon after installation. Airgurus has many global and local partners,while the nearest hospital from the headquarters is St Luke’s Medical Center, Global City in Taguig with whom Capt. Harry Harvey Lero, C.E.O. and Chief Pilot of Airgurus Ltd. Co has a long standing partnership.