Heli Sports

If you're completely new to heli-sport activities, heli-sporting with Airgurus is the new way to do extreme activities that are fun, safe and affordable. We give personable, flexible, and efficient service... perfect for any thrill-seeker. Our crew guarantees the best service in the air and on the ground.

Airgurus experience with heli sports has been the following:

Heli Golf in the Philippines

Why let distance get in the way of a good round of golf? Traveling by road can sometimes take longer than expected. Arrive quickly at any Philippine premier golf courses and get there in style! You might even get to park closer to the club house than the club captain! Some of Philippines' most highly-regarded golf courses are well off the beaten track or many an hour drive from the nearest airport. With Airgurus heli golf, you combine golf with the ultimate helicopter sight-seeing adventure. Ready now, ready next week, anytime... we are ready when you are.

Heli Biking in the Philippines

Heli biking is the combination of a scenic helicopter tour where our experienced pilots drop you, your guide and your bike to a remote destination and you take the thrilling mountain bike ride back. Airgurus offers some of the highest and longest heli bike rides in the Philippines!

Whether you are a novice or an expert mountain biker, a tourist or local, one who loves extreme downhill riding or just enjoying a scenic mountain biking away from the crowd, you will definitely love Airgurus' heli biking tours!

Heli Diving in the Philippines

Ever wonder how it is to fly in via helicopter, jump out into the ocean in your full scuba gear and go for a dive?

Heli dive or heli diving is not for those with faint hearts. To participate in heli diving, you must have at least 10 logged dives. Airgurus organizes the ultimate heli diving experience for extreme diving enthusiasts.

Our company also offers heli fishing, skydiving, and paragliding activities all year round. Get exclusive use of Airgurus helicopters to experience these sports at exotic locations in the Philippines. With the option of helicopter as transportation it makes the logistically impossible... possible!