Geological Survey and Mapping

To deliver premier charter services Airgurus aircraft is equipped with multiple advanced GPS system, radar altimeter, sling hook and video cameras. All these cater to the specific needs of premier land developers, mining and petroleum companies and even government agencies.

Airgurus has the capability and experience to reconfigure its helicopter with advanced and highly specialized equipment for proficiency capable of performing geological survey and mapping. Airgurus team is well-trained to handle delicate specialized equipment to assure our clients their equipment will be handled with the utmost care.

Our extensive network of consultants can aide in providing many unique needs.

Clients are flown directly from the pickup to the drop-off site so an aerial survey is possible for convenience, time efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility to remote areas. Our dependable service and skill in geological survey and mapping is how we maintain our long lasting relationships. We look forward to starting one with you.