Exploration Drill Support

Airgurus Ltd. Co. provides quality charter services dedicated to every customers need. The company aspires to provide a reliable and professional pilot and aircraft for exploration service at the most competitive rate.

In order to meet the rapidly growing demand for seismic drill moving in the Philippines, we currently operate both a Bell 206-L3 and Eurocopter AS-350B for exploration helicopter support. The Bell-206 L3 is a solid personnel transport platform as well as an economical machine for slinging loads of core, drill rods, smaller drill rigs, drill platforms, tools, lumber and supplies. It is the most versatile option in our selection of aircraft with the highest internal and external load capacity, the longest range and the lowest operating cost in its category. All the equipment is unique and owner-operated ensuring it is maintained to the highest standards.

Airgurus Ltd. Co has had extensive experience in providing helicopters with the proper flight crew to perform numerous low level survey operations throughout the Philippines.

We are experienced with all seismic front-end work, as well as slinging equipment to ensure that our clients both local and international can be assured we will get the job done right. Through our advanced helicopter drilling and heavy equipment support, we are able to work in the most challenging and remote areas.

Our promise is to continually strive for absolute professionalism and outstanding customer service at every level.